Peaches and Cream

Perzik Toetje

When I was growing up we almost never had desserts at home, so if we had a dessert, it felt like a real treat. At my father, I have got a canned peach with pre-fab cream. Recently I decided to make it again but now at least whipped the cream myself.

In my fridge I found some leftover mint and that seemed to be a good combination to me. Although peaches were very tasty, it still missed something. Something that would balance the sweetness of the peach . Hmm …. AHA! The bitter of dark chocolate!
And voila, a simple but delicious dessert was created. Secretly much better than before.

Ingredients for 4 peaches
canned peaches in juice
couple of mint leaves
125 ml Cream
1 tablespoon sugar
piece of dark chocolate

1. Spoon the peaches from the can. I usually use two peach halves per person. Let them drain on a piece of paper towel.
2. Whip the cream with the sugar until stiff.
You can test if the cream is stiff enough to hold the bowl slightly slanted. If the cream is good, you can hold the bowl upside down without the cream falling out . I like to try this above the head of my boyfriend Lol.
3. Divide the cream on your peach halves
4. Chop the mint leaves finely and sprinkle over the cream
5. Finally Grate a little dark chocolate on top of it all..

It really is a lovely fresh dessert. Ready before you know it. Without you too much to work , you it can still treat your guests (or yourself) with a homemade dessert.

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